May 1, 2012

Traductor – new corporate sponsor of CALBiA

CALBiA welcomes Traductor – the professional translation services company from Switzerland. Traductor is known for its great engagements for equal rights and especially LGBT diversity.

So that Italian and French aren’t all Greek to you

If you remember your Latin, you’ll know what Traductor does. The name says it all: Traductor translates. But only into the languages we’ve grown up with: Italian and French. We’ve a particular flair for them. Which means we don’t just translate your texts, we adapt them to the culture of the language region you’re targeting. Because slogans or headlines that play with words can’t be translated literally. If you even try to do so, you’re already on the wrong tack (which is definitely not “le faux clou” in French). Rigid one-to-one translation deprives a text of its wit.

Jan 26, 2012

REPLIKA – a new partner of CALBiA

We are happy to introduce REPLIKA LGBT Magazin – a new corporate partner of CALBiA.
‘Replika’ is a free bi-monthly magazine available in the approx. 60 LGBT-friendly clubs in 16 greatest Polish cities. Our mission is to raise awareness on human rights – particularly, equality and non-discrimination of LGBT community.

1.We monitor the progress on the LGBT rights in Poland.
2.We publish articles on LGBT rights in various countries.
3.We re-discover the LGBT history.
4.We publish interviews with public personalities who are not afraid of speaking openly about their own sexuality or supporting the LGBT rights.
5.In every issue we devote at least one article to the transgender issues
6.We support the development of LGBT-friendly businesses and the development of LGBT-friendly policies.
7.We publish reviews of books, films and theatre plays with LGBT motives
8.We support the development of the Polish LGBT community by covering all the main LGBT-related events (Gay Prides etc.)
9.We raise HIV awareness.

Dec 9, 2011

Canela Foundation – our new corporate partner

Canela Foundation is  a team of independent entrepreneurs based out of Holland and USA.  

We are in the process of creating an application (LGBTsupports) for smart/androids phone and type of tables such as the i-Phone,  i-Pad for fundraising for LGBT community.
The aim is to throughout real stories / pictures and short video clip, raise  awareness on several issues that the LGBT is facing today.

Such subjects can be educating to acceptance and tolerance in order to eradicate bullying of young homosexuals in schools,  promote equal opportunities in the working environment, discrimination etc.

Also, We aim to increase the cooperation between different foundations and NGOs working on same subjects around the globe.

We firmly believe that a mobile application is the way to go as it will bring your causes to a worldwide audience of over 900 millions  smartphones and tablets users and  will be of great help to the fundraising efforts. This can be achieved with extremely low efforts on your side and almost no cost. Nothing to compare with the huge costs any NGO faces if employing the traditional fundraising channels and methods.

The application was officially launched at the end of September during the LGBT Forum in J’burg- South Africa.

Canela believes we can’t go around measuring our goodness by what we don’t do, what we deny ourselves, what we resist, and whom we exclude.
We have to measure goodness by what we embrace, what we create, and whom we include.

Sep 7, 2011

Green Tart Designs

We are happy to introduce Green Tart Designs company developed by Junie and Seja with CALBiA support.

It is a first CALBiA’s project implemented for advancement of lesbian business in Africa. We are  excited about this creative and innovative business idea. Together with young entrepreneurs we are looking forwards to its positive development. CALBiA will accompany Green Tart Designs over 1 year from now.

Following CALBiA’s motto: Your Business Idea – Your Dedication – Your RESPECT both ladies have taken responsibility for their future and are creating it on their own.
We applaude Junie and Seja to their courage, dedication and positive attitude which allowed them to become business women.

Please join us in common efforts to become Green Tart Designs a successful LGBT company through buying the Stud Nation labeled products and sharing the word of mouth around your friends.

Feb 21, 2011


querform helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to explore new ideas and innovations through design thinking.

querform founded “wienett – Handwerk zum Kaufen” an online marketplace for handmade and unique products from small businesses in Europe. Since 2006 querform is running “raumdirekt – Finde Deinen Arbeitsraum” a platform for co-working spaces in Austria and Germany.

querform set up and ran an incubator for small businesses and a store for design products in Vienna. Before that querform organized exhibitiones, worked in international development cooperation projects, as webdesigners and in urban planning.