Sep 23, 2011

ILGA Survey on Lesbians’ Health

Dear members of Coalition for Advancement of Lesbian Business in Africa,

In June 2010 ILGA collected the results of an internet survey sent to over 800 of its members and allies. The aim of the survey was to assess the outcomes of the ILGA women’s project, a project funded by Oxfam-Novib which lasted seven years. We wanted to understand which were the areas that ILGA should focus in the coming years in relation to women issues. One of the outcomes of the survey indicated that members and allies would like ILGA to continue working on lesbian’s health. That is why ILGA decided to undertake this project Lesbian Health: Myths and Realities”.

Most of the time lesbians’ issues are either placed into the general “Homosexual” category, that is to say masculine, or in the general “Woman” category, that is to say heterosexual. This is also the case for health. Studies and statistics on women’s health, although numerous, are rarely broken down by specific groups. In addition, research on gay health is still very much concentrated on HIV/AIDS amongst gay men.

Given the general lack of focus on lesbian health issues, ILGA decided to design a project that raises awareness of some misconceptions on lesbian’s health and sexual behaviour that could have life-threatening consequences.

Three double-sided sheets, that can also be used individually, focus on the “myths and realities” surrounding lesbian’s health and are available in French, Dutch, English and soon also in Spanish.

Organisations are encouraged to use the sheets and translate them to their local language, provided that credit is given to ILGA. Interested? Please send a message to

The themes tackled are Breast and Cervical cancers, HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Well-Being. The illustrations at the back of each sheet will help to easily understand what are the “myths” and the “realities” of lesbians’ health on each of the topics.

We have also prepared a quiz on myths related to lesbians’ health. It will give you the opportunity to test your knowledge. The quiz can also be used in raising awareness trainings and workshops.

Read and Download “Lesbian Health: Myths and Realities”:
Français English Nederlands

This project is financially supported by the Belgian Foundation against Cancer which also approved the texts. ILGA thanks the Women’s Secretariat, Minority Women in Action.

The initial project in French and Dutch was coordinated by ILGA with the help of the following Belgian associations:

Sep 7, 2011

Green Tart Designs

We are happy to introduce Green Tart Designs company developed by Junie and Seja with CALBiA support.

It is a first CALBiA’s project implemented for advancement of lesbian business in Africa. We are  excited about this creative and innovative business idea. Together with young entrepreneurs we are looking forwards to its positive development. CALBiA will accompany Green Tart Designs over 1 year from now.

Following CALBiA’s motto: Your Business Idea – Your Dedication – Your RESPECT both ladies have taken responsibility for their future and are creating it on their own.
We applaude Junie and Seja to their courage, dedication and positive attitude which allowed them to become business women.

Please join us in common efforts to become Green Tart Designs a successful LGBT company through buying the Stud Nation labeled products and sharing the word of mouth around your friends.

Sep 7, 2011

Green Tart Designs – Junie’s & Seja’s new company developed with CALBiA support

Green Tart Designs introduces the label Stud Nation. A label created to cater to all butches, tomboy’s and women that want masculine clothing that are made for women.

We now have clothing that are exclusively made for us, the woman with a different taste in clothes. To introduce the label we are bringing out our line of t-shirts and caps that have custom made designs to suit different looks. The designs come in different colour t-shirts mainly golf and crew neck t’s. Please feel view our designs on our Facebook group – Stud Nation.

                                                       Welcome to the Stud Nation Revolution


                                                         Want itWear itLove it

Aug 22, 2011

Sign a petition against Uganda’s ”Kill-the-Gays” Bill

    Uganda is set to pass the Kill-the-Gays Bill within     two weeks!

The Ugandan parliament is set to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, under the sponsorship of MP
David Bahati.

If this Bills passes it will register that Ugandans are ascribing to the view that “homosexuality
is not a human right.” (Quote David Bahati to Melanie Nathan)

The Bill may be passed within a fortnight, surreptitiously; but that cannot silence the World.

For the petition and the whole article please refer to:

Aug 22, 2011

Deputy Minister of Police Apologises over Hate Crimes

“Homophobia and hate crimes are unacceptable, and we are saying as ANC-led
government, enough is enough. We will and cannot tolerate that, some section of our
citizens continue to suffer in painful silence whilst their own Constitution protects them to
live the lifestyle they choose, lawfully.”

“…we have a duty to give true meaning to the fundamental principle our Constitution.”


Makhotso Sotyu being sworn in as Deputy Minister
of Police last year. (Pic: Government Communications)

She added: “Just like we bravely stood against the tyranny of apartheid, we must indeed together stand up to intolerance, discrimination and violence against diversity.”

“Homophobia and hate crimes are unacceptable, and we are saying as ANC-led government, enough is enough. We will and cannot tolerate that, some section of our citizens continue to suffer in painful silence whilst their own Constitution protects them to live the lifestyle they choose, lawfully.”

“…we have a duty to give true meaning to the fundamental principle our Constitution.”

She added: “Just like we bravely stood against the tyranny of apartheid, we must indeed together stand up to intolerance, discrimination and violence against diversity.”

For the full article please refer to:

Aug 7, 2011

How to become a coach for CALBiA projects ?

We have actually a number of project applications that are evaluated by the CALBiA Decision Board. An essential part of the CALBiA concept is to provide a young entrepreneur (lesbian or transgender person) a possibility to interlock with a successful business women or men, who will provide advice in the start up phase of new entreprise. For this reason we are looking for volunteers who run own business and are willing to dedicate some time for CALBiA’s entrepreneurs. If you would like to become a coach for a CALBiA project, send an e-mail to with short info about your business, where you are located and about your experience in coaching and mentoring. Through sharing your knowledge, you will contribute to the success of the young lesbian or transgender entrepreneur and so contribute to our work for more equal rights for LGBT community in Africa.

Jul 14, 2011

FEW and CALBiA signed partnership agreement

FEW is an acronym for Forum for the Empowerment of Women. The organisation was established in January 2002.

The Forum for the Empowerment of Women (FEW) is a national, Non- Profit Organisation based in Johannesburg, South Africa, which aims to articulate, advance, protect, promote the rights of black lesbian, bisexual and transgender women (LBT).

We are an organisation which believes in applying our values and commitment to human, women’s and LBT rights both in society and internally within the organisation. We are an activist and feminist organisation. We support and build the ability of LBT women to live and work as human rights defenders.

We view ourselves as an integral part of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTi) sector, the feminist, women’s rights and human rights sectors. Our work, energy and resources are focused and deeply rooted in, informed and shaped by our constituency - LBT women.

Jun 25, 2011

Trans-fuzja Foundation

Trans-FuzjaTrans-Fuzja Foundation is devoted to a wide range of activities aimed to help the Polish transgender community. From supporting them with psychological help (both professional and self-help groups), legal advisory, through educating the public opinion on medical issues and structural definitions from the so-called “gender identity disorders” and also on the non-normative identities, free from the pathologizing medical discourse, to creating a real-life safe space for Polish trangender community.

We cooperate on a regular basis with Polish LGBT organizations (such as Campaign Against Homophobia and Lambda Association) we also develop connection with international organizations. We’re a part of ILGA-Europe, TGEU, ANSO and partner of CALBiA Foundation, supporting projects with the focus on transgender entrepreneurs.

Jun 21, 2011

Luleki Sizwe – a Partner of CALBiA in common fight against ”corrective rape”

Luleki Sizwe Objectives:

  • To change the existing negative perception about lesbian, bi-sexual and transexual (LBT) women in our society
  • Support and reach out to lesbians who have been forced from their homes due to their sexual  orientation and HIV status
  • To educate and empower lesbians about issues such as safe sex, healthy living, health  programmes, sport, media, arts/ culture and human rights
  • Raise awareness on social issues e.g. rape, sexual assault, discrimination
  • Celebrate young and older lesbians through arts, drama and other forms of expression Fundraise necessary funds for different programs
  • To create awareness around LBT human rights at a professional and social level
Jun 13, 2011

Lesbian defiant after stabbing

Noxol Nkosana was stabbed four times in the back and shoulders because of her sexualityNoxolo Nkosana was stabbed four times in the back and shoulder in Crossroads because of her sexuality.

Noxolo Nkosana, who was stabbed by two men in Crossroads because, she says, she is a lesbian, is recovering at home with her family’s help. Nkosana was walking home on Friday evening with her partner and friends when she was attacked. Luleki Sizwe, a Gugulethu-based non-profit charity fighting against “corrective rape” of lesbians, is helping Nkosana with her case. The charity’s co-ordinator, Ndumie Funda, said last night that the attack was “out of the blue”.

“Two men, one from her own neighbourhood, advanced on Noxolo yelling:
‘You f****** lesbian, you f****** tomboy.’ The man Noxolo recognised stabbed her twice with a knife in the back. She fell and he stabbed her two more times,” Funda said.
As she felt, her girlfriend and friends went to her aid, some running into the nearest yard where they beat on the door, begging for help.
The second attacker, who she did not know, chased them with the knife, but fled when they were let into the house.

From there, the group arranged transport to take Nkosana to hospital. Funda said last night: “She’s in pain and at home with her family. She was lucky she didn’t get raped because she ran away. ”She was stabbed three times on the left side of her back, and once in the right shoulder.“ I know the one guy, but I don’t even talk to him. I don’t have a senseas to why they attacked me,” Nkosana told the Cape Argus.

On Friday, she decided not to open a case because she felt too weak. But on Saturday, her 65-year-old mother saw her daughter’s blouse “ripped and soaked in blood” and insisted that Nkosana open a case. On Saturday Funda took Nkosana to the Gugulethu police station, wherethey were told to first get a form from the clinic. But the doctors were off duty. They were told the form could be issued only tonight.

Nkosana said: “I want to lay charges against these guys. We should not be ashamed. We should not be afraid of the public.”
With the help of volunteers, Funda was able to get a police officer from the Gugulethu station to take Nkosana’s statement. A case was opened at the Nyanga station.

Funda said yesterday that the fact that Nkosana’s attackers had still not been arrested, an investigating officer had yet to be assigned, and “these men are still roaming her neighbourhood makes her stand even more courageous”. The police confirmed last night that a case had been opened, and said the investigating officer would come from the Nyanga police station.

source: IOL News: – Cape Argus