Apr 29, 2011

Organisation Culture and Sexual Orientation Questionnaire

You are invited to participate in an academic research study conducted by Elizma Els a Masters student from the Department Human Resources at the University of Pretoria.

The purpose of the study is to investigate how lesbian and gay individuals, perceive their organisational culture and how this might influence their engagement, overall satisfaction and organisational citizen behaviour, within organisations in the Gauteng region.

This study involves an anonymous survey. Your name will not appear on the questionnaire and the answers you give will be treated as strictly confidential. On the questionnaire there is an option whether you will be willing to partake in a second, short interview phase of the research study in order to clarify the results of the first, questionnaire phase. You cannot be identified in person based on the answers you give.

Your participation in this study is very important to us. You may, however, choose not to participate and you may also stop participating at any time without any negative consequences.


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