Principles of CALBiA Foundation

1. CALBiA Foundation is a global, independent non-profit organization funded through donations.

2. CALBiA is partnering with other organizations and corporations in common efforts for advancement of LGBTI rights in Africa

3. CALBiA is following the holistic approach for improvement of personal situation of lesbians and transgender people in Africa including:
- self-acceptance and valuing of being lesbian or transgender person
- be dedicated and committed to change personal situation to better
- become entrepreneur and financially independent
- be respected and recognized as a valued member of the society
- giving back to the LGBTI community

4. CALBiA’s members and our partner organizations are united in common efforts against any discrimination of LGBTI community and especially in the fight against the ‘’corrective rape’’.

5. Our operational means are ethical and in line with the UN human rights convention

6. We value African culture and respect its tradition as long it is not discriminating equal rights for LGBTI community

7. CALBiA follows transparency in its all organizational aspects (organization, processes and accounting)

8. We are driven through the idea of the global solidarity of all people valuing equal human rights.

9. CALBiA’s slogan ‘’Your business idea – Your Dedication – Your RESPECT’’ is addressing our clients (lesbian and transgender persons) who are committed to put much personal efforts to improve with help of CALBiA their personal situation in all aspects  (personal, social, financial)

10. We are inclusive to people with other sexual orientation Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Heterosexual and value them for their dignity, respect and contribution for advancement of human rights.