Jan 26, 2012

REPLIKA – a new partner of CALBiA

We are happy to introduce REPLIKA LGBT Magazin – a new corporate partner of CALBiA.
‘Replika’ is a free bi-monthly magazine available in the approx. 60 LGBT-friendly clubs in 16 greatest Polish cities. Our mission is to raise awareness on human rights – particularly, equality and non-discrimination of LGBT community.

1.We monitor the progress on the LGBT rights in Poland.
2.We publish articles on LGBT rights in various countries.
3.We re-discover the LGBT history.
4.We publish interviews with public personalities who are not afraid of speaking openly about their own sexuality or supporting the LGBT rights.
5.In every issue we devote at least one article to the transgender issues
6.We support the development of LGBT-friendly businesses and the development of LGBT-friendly policies.
7.We publish reviews of books, films and theatre plays with LGBT motives
8.We support the development of the Polish LGBT community by covering all the main LGBT-related events (Gay Prides etc.)
9.We raise HIV awareness.


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